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Damn Metal Thing!


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well, well...

wen't to see Batman Begins yesterday (it was OK)... on my way home a bad thing happened...

it was dark and raining and I was taking a turn on a one lane road when suddenly I saw something lying across the road, I tried to pass it by but it was just too big! Hit it with my left front wheel and my two day old (:crybaby:) Toyo tyre was cut like butter with a knife! it also took a big chunk out of my newly restored ( :crybaby::crybaby: ) 16" white DTM alloy! I had to drive the car on the flat tyre to the repair shop I work at... luckily it was only about 2km from the place where the accident happened but those 2kms were the longest I've ever driven! Every time I heard the alloy scraping the ground I got chills running donw my spine :)

put my old alloys on and drove the car home... it seem to be ok and the metal thing did not hit the gearbox or the engine... it does pull quite a bit to the left but I hope that will be sorted with wheel alignment...

sorry, don't have any pics... broke my two months old camera( :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: ) this week when I droped it on the pavement... this just ain't my week!!!

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Oh no - thats awful - its just not your week, your right!

Have you had any estimates on how much its gonna cost to sort out? Is it just the alloy and tyre that needs replacing?

Hope you get it sorted soon anyway mate. :group-cuddles: Sounds really harsh - did you find out what was on the road??

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it only gets worse... :(

when I went out this morning I noticed that the rear tyre was also flat! took it off and found a huge cut on the inner sidewall!!!!! NOOO!!!!

these tyres don't come cheap - cost me around 90pounds each and it takes two to three weeks to order them! can't afford a set of these for now and will most likely go for some cheaper brand...

wen't to find that damn metal thing today but it had already been removed so now I'll never know what hit me...

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