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Ok, on thursday my add Oil light on my Gen 6 came on coming back from Edinburgh....

So i added Oil...

But the light has stayed on...

So i added more Oil and have added bout 3 litres of oil to car cause light wont go off.....on the dipstick it just comes to above the max line, but oil is a bit thin...dunno if that is right or not...

However, going through to glasgow airport and driving round town the light keeps going on and off :crybaby:

On motorway the light goes off if the car goes over 4k RPM...but once it drops below that the light comes on again....

Any ideas ppl? there is no leaks and i dont want to blow up my car :wacko:



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Hi mate.

the mark between low and high is generaly 1 litre.

if you have overfilled, it needs drained.

if it took 3 litres, the Oil was very low.

you may have 'cooked' the level sensor - they are very temperamental.

however - are you sure it isnt the Oil pressure sensor?

as you say it goes off at 4K rpm, when pressure is higher?

I'm concerned you mave have cooked the Oil due to oil starvation and now that you have filled it, it is not pumping through head and block properly.

that's worse case scenarion.

I reccomend an oil change in any event due to the low level of oil prior to top up.

which oil did you use?



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It is definitely the low Oil level light (orange?) and not the Oil pressure warning light (red)?

If it is the Oil level light, then it sounds like the sensor has failed. A common fault, and expensive to replace. The sensor doesn't affect the running of the car though, so you should be fine to drive it.

If it is the oil pressure warning (and it sounds like it may be as you say it goes out at high revs), then you shouldn't drive it until its fixed. It will either be a failed oil pump, stuck relief valve, or possibly a blocked oil strainer.

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I agree.

considering it took 3 litres of Oil - that means you had around 1.5 litres of Oil doing the job that 4.5 litres should be doing.

the only was to check is to remove sump and check Oil pick up to pump and strainer, then remove rocker cover if you have any sludge in the crankcase... it'll all need cleaned out.

again - worst case scenario.

but ignoring it and driving on may kill the bearings or seizr the pump... in short break the engine..

hope everything is ok...

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Def not the red light...checked the book for that...just used Oil i got from tesco since it was closest when the light came on....i think i will take it to garage tomorrow and see what the crack is...hopfully it will get sorted out...but my toyota dealer is super dear :(

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indeed ...toyota dealers can be seen ordering mainsails for their new yachts as i drive into the forecourt... there are many cheaper genuine alternatives out there ... just takes some asking .... also i found scrap yards and breakers to most helpful... as for actually getting the job done ...if you `re like me ...no garage space atm ... cultivate a relationship with your nearest racing mechanic ( pref not F1 ) ... the more you get done ...the more the prices drop... and being a speed freak he will not try to super glue anything to anything else

awaits floods of links to cheap sites.....

as a good friend once said ... you only need 2 tools ... wd40 and duct tape....if it doesnt move and should ..wd40...if it moves and shouldnt ...TAPE IT !!!

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as a good friend once said ... you only need 2 tools ... wd40 and duct tape....if it doesnt move and should ..wd40...if it moves and shouldnt ...TAPE IT !!!

This`ll be the bugger that sold me the dodgy vectra last year then. :lol::lol::lol:

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