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Sooooo ****** Off....

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Here's the scenario, probably the most annoying ever...basically i've found something on ebay that is so immensely rare for my car, and that I have been looking for for more than a year, so i instantly contact the seller, and put a very high bid on it...time passes by, no-one bids even close....6 mins left and there's a 40 euro deficit from my bid...then i check back, and someone outbid me....by 1 **** euro!!!!

the item in question was a TTE front lip for a paseo, and as you may or may not know, this a very rare item indeed. I believe it came as a dealer option as well in germany, and they stopped making them so its very rare to obtain...i contacted TTE, Toyota dealer in Purley and several German sources, including the German Paseo club, and it turns out that it is extremely sought after there as well!! So figure how i felt, me that has been looking for one for more than a year, when i saw it on ebay in all its splendor....all to be outbid by 1 **** euro.......

the worst thing is, my friend who was at the internet cafe with me was saying, " ah if thats rare, i bet you'll be outbid by 1 euro "....he **** jynxed me!!! aaaargh!!! goddamnit. sorry for the rant, but after 1 year of searching, and getting soooooooo close to something sooooooooo rare, it tends to annoy you slightly...and to anybody out there, if you EVER see this lip for sale, please, resist the urge to buy it, and TELL ME!!! :crybaby:

p.s. i was so close to getting the thing, the seller sent me extra pictures and whatnot...he WAS gonna take it off of ebay and sell it to me straight up....


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For a start, that is NOT how you ebay...

You HAVE to snipe things if you want it! that is if its sought after,

Many of my items have been won in the last 20 secounds

gutted for you mate :o

Thats a sweet looking lip..

What you could do... is.... get someone to build you a custom lip that looks like that

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nope, he was in germany, but whats your solution?

meh, ive been on ebay for nigh on 3 years now but i never seem to get in the " flow ", everyone always seems to get things cheap and sell things for a lot...i dont :(

and im not one for copies..its either original or not :unsure:

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Sniping is the way forward! Sorry riko but it's quite satisfying being on the other side of the bidding war!

My advice, if you would have payed that extra euro, you should have put it on your maximum bid, you HAVE to put your absolute MAXIMUM bid on if you want something that bad!

Also, add two penny on each maximum bid, it covers "last minute snipes and those who think adding a penny will help!!!" :thumbsup:

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always put in your absolute maxium bid, and in the last 20 seconds a surefire way of winning is to, for example; if the item is £20 and the most u could push to is £50 put in your £50 maxium bid (plus a couple of quid and pence) in the last 10 seconds, that way the people your bidding against wont have time to gradually work up to your maxium, unless someone else does it to you too.


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