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Grand Prix


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It wasn't too bad. Not the most exciting Grand prix but it was worth watching just to see Kimi's blitz through the field for the second race in a row.

Shame he's had those 2 engine's crap out on him, along with that suspension failure and the rear wing failure earlier in the year. If not for those, it's almost a certainty he'd be leading the championship instead of Alonso.

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oh definately. its a great experience actualy being there. the sheer noise of the cars. and because it eas a close race, with bunches of cars together there was nether a quiet moment. it was just car after car.

The race wasnt that good. Kimi is definately the best driver out there

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Watched it on the tele, and thought it was pretty boring compare to previous year's where overtaking was ripe.

Fair play to Kimi for his drive, and Montoya for the storm off the front line.

Button did well to hold onto 5th IMO.

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My Dad won tickets to go... and didnt tell me!!! :( but I was away this weekend anyways...

He doesnt even understand/watch GP (but took some friends who love it).... I rang him last night and was like... 'was it fun?' he was like 'didnt understand it...all double dutch to me' and so I said 'were the cars pretty' and he said 'yup' :P so that was ok :P

He had a good time anyways... n my brother was working there all weekend...

*sigh :P

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