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1983 Corolla Delux Wagon Swap Wit 3s-gte Mr2 Motor

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k here...... i want 2 swap my stock corolla 82 wagon motor for a 3s-gte turboed mr2 sw20 motor.... wondering if any1 could help me and let me kno if that would fit.... or if it would just be better 2 go wit a 4age motor from a mr2 aw11 supercharged... plz help!!!!!

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Firstly I would have to ask that you are able to get such motors cheaply/easily 3S-GTE and 4AGE. Don't forget you will also need the ECU and loom from the car you get these engines from if you want 'Injection' although a Carb set up would be simpler.

Also due to age of your vehicle I presume that it's bodyshell/structure is superb/solid as it will need to be if you are going to 'pump' that much power through it (believe me I know of may a 'Hot Rodded' old car that has 'broken up' due to the stress's of the power of the 'new' tuned engine that has been planted into it).

1982/83 this was the Change over from KE70 to AE80 shape.

AE80's did a 4AGE powered variant so I know that engine will fit quite easily but if yours is the earlier KE70 model shape then it may be harder although in the far east it does seem quite a popular mod.

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hi there and welcome. the simple answer is yes it will fit but will be quite a lot of work. you can graft celica GT4 (all-trac) mounts in but the front and rear mounts will need fabricating. other than the engine, gearbox and ECU you will need a few bits from a GT4 to get it to fit in the front of the car, these include the water elbow on the side of the head, alternator, power steering and associated brackets, radiator etc. you will also need to source some driveshafts from a supercharged corolla levin as MR2 ones wont fit.

it may seem like a lot of work (and it is) but the results are worth it.

4A-GZE is a bit more straight forward but obviously the power output will be way down.

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ithinkitsmiles Posted Today, 05:34 PM

  the last corolla there... the station wagon.... is exactly that one

So you are Rear wheel drive (your model is what is known as the KE70 'Toyota code' number range), I think if this is the case then you will have quite a bit of fabricating to do (in fact more than dawesy mentioned, I think he, as per I did earlier thought you had the first of the Front wheel drive Corollas AE80 range, Dawsey more advice I think is needed from you :yes: )

If possible I think a scrap AE86 'model code' (1983 to 1988 GT, Levin, Trueno) Rear wheel Drive Corolla would be best as a donor car.

This is what the 'AE86' looks like-


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well thanks guys for all the replies..... and all the advice.... its been a help...... but heres whats up.... im just thinking about swapping in a 4age 20valve ... if u guys havent already seen my other posts out there... yes im researching bout them... and im going towards a 4age 20 valve.. one thats carbed.....so thanks guys

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