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Some New Pictures!

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Well here it is all ready for JAE next week:



Arty farty kinda (standard rear lights back on aswell):


My ride height compared to my brothers (Razor, on these forums) T-Sport standard ride height:


My new mod, big shout out to Envy for this tasty piece of kit, GReddy/Trust induction kit:



And a random photo:


Any (nice) comments welcomed! :D :thumbsup:

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Nice car mate ... but yeah the engine bay is mingin.

Have a word with Chris Canavan .. I think hes going for the cleanest engine bay award next weekend!

nah it wasnt even that clean when u saw it clarky. will be even cleaner next weekend :P

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Looks lovely. Black, I must admit you can't beat it for shine. :thumbsup:

Now then.... how are you going to keep it that clean for a whole week? :fear:

Clingfilm? :lol:

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have to say ryan ur wheels look cleaner than they did on sunday mate :P

As Lee said, I never put on any tyre shine which seems to attract all my brake dust and alot of rubbish basically!

Al, I'll wash it when I'm there, shouldn't be too hard to keep it that clean! :)

Selling my lexus lights Em, so they are gone. :thumbsup:

And yeah, I suppose I'll have to wash my engine bay now seeing as everyone will want to see it now! :ffs:

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My engine bay was FILTHY until recently, wanna know how long it took to get it very clean indeed?? 20mins... thats it.

Wanna know how.... sure ya do... don't be so lazy people, get this done....

1. Buy Halfords spray engine cleaner (£3.99)

2. Pop your hood

3. Cover all electrical connections, light bits, alarm and air feed bits in tin foil (easier than cling film)

4. Spray the Halfords engine cleaner EVERYWHERE and a fair bit too

5. Leave for 2-3mins

6. Get a tooth brush and scrub everywhere... especially where grime has really built up (Battery top, engine front, chassis sides etc)

7. Spray a load on again

8. Scrub again

9. Spray again and really work the hard bits

10. Leave for 1-2mins

11. Hose it down fairly gently... don't soak it, just a gentle hose

12. Shammy the body parts, engine cover, airbox etc

13. Use a bit of cloth to clean around the engine block, the radiator and Battery bits etc

14. Turn on the engine for about 5mins to heat and dry any remaining water

15. Dry any remaining water with cloth and chamois

16. Use back to black on engine cover and other black bits

17. Bit of polish on the body coloured bits

18. Pledge on the black bits

19. 20 mins later and VOILA! Clean engine!

This really is VERY easy and takes a MAX of 30mins id say, took me 20 but iv been cleaning cars all my life so it's easy for me!

The effect is brilliant... the washer bottle turns brillaint white, the engine block is a nice metal colour and you can see the paint colour instead of filth!

Oh, if you've got spare cash... buy some Autoglym Rubber protector stuff, when the engines dry, spray it everywhere, apparantly it coats everything and protects it, giving it lasting shine! (Not tried it, but im sure it works!)

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