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New Avensis


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Come on lets sort this out.

On a New 2003 Avensis which Sat Nav system comes as standard?

Mine came with instruction books and Cd for TNS200. The instruction book doesn’t match the controls of the car. I queried with the dealer who agreed it was confusing and took it up with Toyota UK. Today a new instruction book arrived the operating controls in the new book match perfect, so do the references to the new Avensis 2003 except the book is for TNS300ETA. Do we have the correct system in our cars or have Toyota put old units in with new dash boards. The new book is not for the full colour screen version it matches the standard mono screen built into the dash.

How do you check the unit?

Is it purely the wrong CD rom?.

Is the mono also DVD?

The new book does mention DVD but not colour I know you can upgrade to full colour.


Maybe this should be a poll.


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Hi Alan,

I haven't seen one myself, but my understanding of the TNS300 is that it is the superior model of satnav. It is DVD based, holds more info, and covers the whole of Europe. Can you enter a European destination? I also thought that it was a colour system - is your display colour or mono? Of course the downside of DVDs is that they are about £400 to replace when the data on them becomes out of date. Makes the TNS200 CDROM seem cheap at £135, doesn't it, not that Toyota will end up selling many of either disc at those prices. Another question - can you enter a destination by postcode?


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:( i recently purchased an avensis verso tspirit which has the TNS300 with ETA, but it doesn't avoid the traffic. Correct me but, unfortunately, the whole system seems to be at the mercy of local/national radio stations giving out accurate traffic info.

Also, it tends to prefer major roads when calculating a route.

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