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A Pic Of My Ae82 Gt


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lol, last time i went, he had 2 really nice black ones - maybe more now :P

have you done any more to the one in the garage? (that's the one in the pic right?)

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TWINCAM.GTI = you're right it is the ltd edition :thumbsup: (the pic was taken from the previous owner, FAL from high wycombe who i bought the car from. ;)

JT = yes , the one doing (life + :help: ) in the garage , still standard

been stood for nearly 2 years, (trying to forget about it :ffs: )

TWIN CAM ALLY = yes the one going around WEST BALLIN' is mine too ,thats the twin of VAZ which is called VEV (ITS A HIS AND HERS THING :eek: )

YAGGA TWINNY = yes i've seen pics of it , and it looks quite good to say its a GL Shell, but i'd stick with the AE82 GT, simply cos theirs no other car like it in its league.

thanks alot for the feedback, i love these cars, they are my dream cars. forever. :thumbsup:

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waqar how much did ya get rid of da blue 1 en eyyy?

waqar some geeza 4rm high wycombe told me that my old twincam went 2 bradford yes2day....

let me no if u c it abt...

its a c pl8 ith two round fog lights on the front bumper...

its got black toyota mr2 mark 1 alloys on it

the end three letters are BJT


let me no if u come acros it...

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