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Can anyone give me simple instructions  :bookworm:  on how to take of the dial surround so i can get to my bulbs as thay have gone  :angry:  and i haven't got a clue on how to get to em  :help:

Cheers, Peeps  :)

Hi - which year Celica you got? Trying to replace the dash bulbs in my ST182 at the mo and it's a nightmare! But could help with some advice if this is what you've got...

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Kirst_ie - It might be worth you updating your profile to change Celica to the actual model!

Just Click "My Controls" at the top right then click "Edit Profile" in the menu on the left. This will save everyone a lot of time :thumbsup:

But as said above by Martin if it is the gen 6 (4 round headlights) they are quite easy and if you follow the thread he linked to you should have no problems :thumbsup:

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Ok just looked through your previous posts and found you have an M reg Celica GT. Which you were thinking about getting turbo'd and having 17" Wolfrace alloys.

It would be very worthwhile to change your profile from "Celica" to "Gen 6 Celica GT" :thumbsup:

But yes follow the Link Martin posted - it's dead easy to get them out, should be a 5 minute job, espicially for someone who has passed there level one mechanics course :thumbsup: ;)

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