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Carinae Abs Break Problems


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Hi All, I'm new to this forum, so appologies in advance if I post in the wrong section.

Heres my problem :unsure: ,

I have a 94 CarinaE 1.6 GLi, I recently developed a problem with my ABS Breaks, the warning light came on to indicate a problem, as I don't have much care for the Toyota Dealers (as they Don't seem to want to fix any problems - and replace perfectly working parts at the cost to me) I prefer to work on the car my-self (Novice/Beginner), I just wondering if anyone could suggest a solution before I take it to a private mechanic.

This is what is occuring - The ABS Light (On Dashboard) goes on & off at random intervals, when the light is on the breaks works fine, with no problems, however when the light goes off the breaks stop working and I can hear something shutting down (ABS Breaks) and if the breaks are pressed when the light is off, it makes a scraping noise - with vibrations occuring in the actual break pedal. My breaks have also been squeling since the problem arose.

Basically I have, checked & Bled the breaks to rule out any air being in the system, this hasn't been the source of the problem. A friend suggested that it maybe a problrm with the sensors, but that doesn't explain the breaks failing. Also the CODE given from the error, says to check "Vacuum Sensor Signal" Code 31. i have no idea :unsure: what that means.

I hope I was clear about problem

if anyone can help, it will be much appreciated.


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