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Sorry title should read EP82!

As you may have read on here I'm trying to get a rear brake set up from a EP82 Turbo without much luck. A couple of people have the hubs, axles carriers, mounts etc but not the calipers, I've spoken to a supplier at work about the calipers and they just can't get hold of the pistons and seals at the minute so I have one option left. I know the parts manager at a local Toyota dealer and if I can give him a chassis no and model number off a vin plate (apparently their system needs both) he'll see what he can do on prices of new parts for me ;)

If anyone would be good enough to let me know the numbers off their vin plate (centre of bulkhead) I'd be forever grateful :help::unsure::help:

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Thanks guys :thumbsup:

Been doing a bit of work at work today (or rather lack of it) I think I've found a cheaper option on the calipers than genuine for anyone that wants reconditioned units. Will keep everyone posted :thumbsup:

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Turns out the calipers I found were almost identical however subtle differences on the handbrake mechanism meant they wouldn't fit :(

Anyway thanks to Domi, I've now ordered all new parts from Toyota which should be here by middle of next week :thumbsup: Don't ask how much it's cost though as I'm still in mourning :eek:

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I think I must be jinxed :( Rang today to organise collecting my bits and the calipers are on back order till Sept 1st <_< And the cables never turned up so having to re order ;)

Still I have the discs, bearings and backplate/caliper mounts so its half way there B)

Will post all the individual part numbers when everything arrives in case anyone else wants to do the conversion and it might save them a lot of hassle :thumbsup:

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