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Gen 6 Short Shifter


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Hi mate,

I've never looked into it myself, but there's a guide on how to make them yourself HERE. If you're not feeling that brave, then I suppose the internet is a good place to start looking, I'm sure you'll find ones cheaper than the TRDs'.

Someone may be along later that has bought one,

good luck :)

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Yeah, there's no way I'd even think about it, but there are some nutters out there!! ...........

......actually there's a few here aswell!! Some of the things you guys do to your cars, I couldn't comtemplate doing, but you all know what you're doing, right? ;)

I don't expect anyone here has ever messed up their car trying to do something to it!!!! :thumbsup:

Me, had a few stone chips, read the guides, bought the equipment, filled the chips, started to sand them and, hey presto, car looks worse now!!! I'm gutted, just had a quote from a guy who was recommended to me, for £100 for respray of front wing and part of boot. He's meant to be very good, probably book it in next week! :( Never trying anything new ever again! :(

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Get a TRD one it's only £190 quid (not even 4 tanks of petrol)... and you know it's going to fit, some of those "brand x" ones look too dodgy...

Fitted one to my AW11, went straight on NO probs... so am going to fit a TRD quick shift to my ST205 asap !


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Yeah the TRD one eveytime. I researched this heavily and you have three otions:

TRD - The best route to go as you know it will fit first time!

B&M - (at least I think that is the name) Apparently some people who have fitted this kit say it does not change gear very smoothly and is not worth the £60 odd saving in price

DIY - use the link mentioned above and cut off you hand!!!

The TRD is the only way to go for a short shifter. I would do a bit of google searching for lower prices. I have found it is about £140 - £160 depending on who you buy it from.

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i am also interested in fitting a trd short shift kit my only question ie how difficult is it to fit will i have to mess around with anything on the gear box? is it a striaght forward bolt in direct replacement part


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