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Celica Alloys


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Yeah, they fit perfectly. The offset is the same. I believe they should go nicely on a gen 6 as well. And they look pretty good too, much better than the standard gen 5 14" wheels with the 'wavey' spokes. I paid £200 for a set of 4 with new OEM yokohama tyres (good in the dry, not so good in the wet), from a 1 month old gen 7. I've had 20k miles out of them, which is pretty good considering the way I go round corners. :D

I haven't noticed the ride being any harsher from the larger wheels, but if you use the standard gen 7 profile tyres, the rolling radius is increased slightly, which will raise your gearing. My speedo now reads 2mph high at 80, must have been further out with the original wheels.

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Thats the same wheels i'm looking for mike, they look well smart on a gen 5 celica. I was just worried that they would have a different offset, as mine is a jap import but from what i've heard most parts are the same anyway. Went to the local Toyota garage today and they were no help at all. They said they prob wouldn't fit but i'm gonna get a set anyway. :ph34r:

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