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My Very Own Cool Wall.....

Karma Supra

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Well as Top Gear fans you will all be familiar with the concept of the "Cool Wall"..

Some of you lucky bunnies may also have a subscription to the top gear magazine (best Valentines pressie ever!).

This month they were giving away a free fridge magnet cool wall... so you can chop and change and put cars in their respective places (please Note Saab, Audi TT and the scumbaru, all beyond uncool).

With a lack of a metal fridge door I decided a radiator was the way forward so in price of place in prime loo view.... I show you... My cool wall....



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I also have subscription thanks to fiancee :wub:

Put them on fridge in kitchen but mum and sister keep moving the crappy cars, namely Audi TT into sub zero............I don't think so!!


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got it!

found a cut off from a steel sheet to! bonus!

pagani zonda needing extension for 'absolute zero'


audi tt, mini, and most fords where they belong


anything yank and 'sporty' where it belongs! (except hummer)


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I went to 3 newsagents before, couldn't get it in any of them, the newsagents by my work need to get a grip, none of them had the special "big as a house" FHM either, went into 6 shops that didnt sell it, ended up buying it from woolworths on the 7th attempt, it had better not be the same with the Top Gear magazine

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!Removed! hell!!! what a response!!!!!!!!!

I think in return Top Gear should all have a "fix the rust on Charlie's daily driver Mkiii supra turbo" campeign... any left over change can go towards "the new engine Charlie got ripped off on ebay" campaigh??

I'd love to see the Stig in my car... I think I'd get at least in the top half...

Hmmmm 13 year old Toyota humiliating some serious money cars! Total cost? sub £5K :D :thumbsup:

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Asda is c**p :angry:

When I asked where it was they said they dont stock it anymore! (well they had it last month)

Sent Nick on a hunt in his lunchbreak today though :thumbsup:

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