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2000 Camry Enquiries


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ello y'all, well im always on the paseo section as i have one, but i also get to drive a camry when im here in saudi where my dad is. anyhoo, a few things to ask...

firstly, the shock absorbers have well and truly gone, they're noisy as hell, they are severely underdamped...it feels like driving a buick. anyway, i would like to replace these ideally with some trd items...I just wanted to know if the shock absorbers listed for the camry work on the estate version as well? Its a 2000 2.2 (5sfe) estate. If they do, does anyone know how much they retail for, and who can import them? (I would ask Fensport, but i think theyre tired of getting emails from me and only ever buying something once).

Also, does anyone know where I could get a handbook / maintenance guide for said car? I would like to carry out regular maintenance on the car as well as perform some " modifications " on it, namely to improve economy and the running of the engine.

Oh, and I wanted to get any owners opinion of the 5sfe in the camry, and the camry as a whole...do you hate it too? Basically, a guy in america on another forum hated his camry, engine blew up several times etc, and hated the ownership. well about a month ago, our camry hadnt even passed 60,000 and the timing belt snaps, we send it in to get fixed and we get a bill of £1000, they fixed the timebelt, replaced all the leaking Oil seals, replaced the leaking Oil pan and other things. then there were LOADS of other things still wrong...the shock absorbers are shot, the clutch is shot, the engine mounts are shot, some lightlbulbs are gone, the interior doortrim is peeling off, the injectors are faulty, the water pump faulty etc etc....

Also, I just wanted to make sure that the 2000 camry is indeed the SXV20?

Sorry for the long ***** post, but might as well combine it all into a single post eh :thumbsup:

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again, i ask again, ill bullet point for the lazy ones out there:

a) do the listed trd shocks for the camry fit onto the station wagon version?

B) how much are said shocks?

c) who imports said shocks?

d) forget the manual question, ebay is full of them, and i just bought a haynes manual, soon to buy the owners' and chilton manuals.

e) whats everyone think of the camry 5efe? is it common that they brake down quite often and not subtly?

f) is the 2000 camry wagon specifically the sxv20?

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