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Bubble Rav4.

Uncle Bob

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bob, thought your mini rav was dead cool so i spent a sneaky hour in work doing a stretchy rav - only to discover i can't post it unless i pay for membership.

accordingly....since iv'e already plagerised all the tips & ideas i need for now, i'm going to bu**er off the forum, like a 'travelling person' might do (to coin a phrase) :crutchy:

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You only cant host images on this site. If you host them somewhere else you can post links to them.

I use Photo Bucket, all ya gotta do is upload your images there. Then if you look below each of your images there are link texts, so you can copy and paste them into the forum message and the picture will appear there then. They look sommat like %7Boption%7D.

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top one just needs a big penny in place of the spare, it'd look like a penny racer then.lol

like the look of the streach rav..........mmm gives me an idea. now wheres the 9" grinder...

i love photoshop. mind you im not up to your stds yet

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