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Yaris Diesel Tuning


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Hey y'all.

Anyone out there know where I can get a good in increase in power for my diesel Yaris for the best money & what can be done to it apart from a ECU remap? I know I could add a another turbocharger in there but that will involve strengthening the engine up a little bit, which is expensive. Please provice me with some links or contact numbers if anyone knows.

75bhp does feel quite slow. I want to get the car to around 150bhp (if that's possible). :unsure:

Any ideas anyone?

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First of all, hi and welcome! :thumbsup:

150? I know that you can get it chipped for about £450 to £550 which adds about 20-odd bhp and a sports air filter (a couple of us have ones from Jetex) gives a smoother power delivery for about £30...

As far as I know, nobody on here has had theirs chipped (just too expensive for me :( ).

I guess you could get 150 in bursts by adding nitrous (I'm thinking of what 5th Gear did to a Golf diesel at one point) but that always seems a bit complex and dangerous to me.

There might be a couple of brake in fitting a larger intercooler and relocating it down behind the bumper and in generlally improving the engine's cold air intake rather than that wee pipe on the airbox. I guess a more sporty exhaust and back box may help too.

Personally I see most of these as being pretty expensive and only adding a few bhp each and I don't see how you'll manage 150 without changing the engine - possible for one from a Fabia vRS!

Stick around and let us know how you get on though :thumbsup:


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turbo diesels respond incredibly well to chip tuning, most cases you can see a good increase in the region of 30% on power and torque!

that would see you getting close to 95ish bhp

a high flow panel filter would be a good idea to help the breathing on the front end, no need for a full induction filter as a TD boosts at very low RPM so your not gonna gain on a full airbox refit

same for exhausts, std equipment is normally optimum as a TD likes back pressure more than anything, a nice stainless box to maybe allow top end to free up slightly may add a small advantage, if not on looks and sound alone

an intercooler upgrade is a good option to help cool intake charge, although with a small engine and turbo i wouldnt advise a huge front mount intercooler and the associated pipe work as youll probably end up loosing power! enhancing airflow on the std item would be the best bet, possibly with a bonnet vent

and finally obviously wind up the boost a few PSi on the turbo and up the speed of the diesel pump, will coff a bit of the old black out the back but the increased delivery will give a better bang

i think with all that done you could easily be looking at pushing past 100bhp! and the torque if i remember rightly is about 130lb/ft in std from...

thats MORE than the T-Sport and twice as much as the 1.0! so with a 30% boost your looking at 170odd lb/ft of torque! thats pretty monumental for a diddy car!

id be impressed to see the old 1.4 d4d tuned up as im pretty adamant its a good capable engine under tuning :yes:

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this may sound strange but why not have a look at some of the stuff the lads with Mini One D have done to there cars, with a K&N and a Chip the mini lads are getting 115bhp with 170Ib EASY. its the same engine now i`m not 100% what ECU they are running i.e the toyota one or a BMW one but even so there should be no reason to the yaris can`t do the same. as rob also said if the psi was also increased the lads with the Mini`s recon that 130bhp should be very simple to get. so a 130bhp, 190Ib 45mpg PLUS, Yaris D4D MMMMMMMMMMM why in gods name would you buy a thunder !Removed! T-Sport :huh::lol::thumbsup:

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