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Corolla Verso - Sat Nav '05


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I have rather a lot of questions, and i have already wasted a lot of time arguing with Toyota Dealers and Customer Services.

Car: Corolla Verso TSpirit '05, Optional Full Screen GPS Nav


unfortunatly this was missed of the order as i assumed the £2,300 for the Nav with Park Assist included front and rear sensors, now we have taken delivery it has neither and i am told only the rear ones are available :0(

1. if i ordered park assist (front and rear sensors) at factory build level could i have both ?

2. Can i update the POI database using a spreadsheet or CD/DVD like i could with my TomTom PDA ?

3. Can i get a device to automatically press "I Agree" to the Sat Nav warning on startup ?

4. Can i get a device to allow inputs on screen whilst the car is in motion, for instance the passenger can look for other destinations ?

5. Can i get a device to allow the playback of DVD films from the front ?

6. is it possible to link the Sat Nav screen to the rear DVD player ?

7. Can i get an additional set of Headphones ?

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Q3, 4

there is a device - a sat nav enhancement costing about $99 that plugs in between the dvd unit and the screen head unit - it stops u having to press "i agree" on stastup and allows operation of the unit while in motion

I have seen it posted on corolla or aud/vid/elec forums

this is the site:


Cant help with the other questions though


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I would say if you specced the car to have Park Assist (and it was noted on your invoice) then your car is "not as specified" and therefore not "fit for purpose" under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act.

However, if you just "thought" that Park Assist was included in your pack, then you don't have a case.

If it was the former of those two though, then you can write a letter to the dealer, copied to Toyota GB and also to your HP company (if you bought using finance) and demand that the Park Assist is fitted to the car, at the dealer's cost, to bring it up to the specification you ordered and have proof of on your invoice.

Let's know how you get on. :thumbsup:


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