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Yaris Setup Help!


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Hi there,

I have a 2001 yaris SR . Currently my set up is a

Sony Xplod F7500 head unit


Sony Xplod 4 4channel Amplifier 500watt max


kenwood KFC-1379ie Speakers

150 watt peak.

Kenwood KFC1028C dash Speakers

90 watt peak.

Pioneer 8" parcel shelf Speakers 300watt peak.

Pioneer TSE2095


Autoleads 600 watt wiring kit


My parcel shelf speakers and door speakers run off the amp . Whereas my dash speakers are run by my headunit.

Unfortunately my system does not go very loud without distorting dramatically. My parcel shelf speakers should be able to cope with 300w so I was wondering what it could be . I made my own parcel shelf which seems sturdy enough??

Also If I wished to add another amp can I use the powerlead for the first amp and split it and run it off that....

Thanks D M :thumbsup:

P.S Any suggestions on a good sub / amp setup ! should I go for separates or an active sub setup!!!

Please help!!

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