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Silicone Water Pipes For Ae92


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i tryed e mailing them but no reply.il give them a ring maybe tanx.i also have a problem with my engine management light.its coming on and ive checked the fault code and its 52 which is a knock sensor.problem is ive combed the haynes manual and there isint a mention of one,any help would be great.

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If your getting 2 flashes then a gap (1.5sec) then 5 flashes giving you the error code '25' it means your getting a constant 'lean signal' from the oxygen sensor. To correct that you need to look at the following:

1) Injectors

2) AFM (Air Flow Meter)

3) Water Temp sensor (sounds odd doesnt it ?)

4) Intake air temp sensor

5) Oxygen sensor

bearing in mind you've been playing with intakes and filters, i'd start with the intake air temp sensor, you know, the black VSV valve that should sit inside the intake after the air filter that looks like a plastic stick, make sure its clean and dry and connected properly !

If however your getting 2 flashes then a gap of 2.5sec then five flashes you actually have 2 errors 2+5. 2 = vaccum sensor circuit is open (did you unplug the BLUE VSV that was orignally in the old airbox and not replace it ? :yes: and 5= Oxygen sensor - with your new free flowing airfilter did you richen you fuel mixture to compliment the extra air ? :huh:

The ECU can compensate for these for you - to an extent. But the whole engine will run sooooooo much smoother if the ECU isnt busy doing other things.

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P.S if your getting an error 52 for knocking, then you dont have a 4age ??? as they're non-interfearing engines and cant 'knock' even if they want to !? although it might be 'deiseling' which is a timing problem and lets face it, if you've shoved a filter and exhaust on, adjusted the air/fuel mixture, you can bet your timing is slightly advanced !

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