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Stunning Fuel Economy

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Just got back from a 10 day break in the Highlands of Scotland, had a fantastic time, the Paseo covered 2300 miles including a marathon 15 hour drive home without a hiccup. I was amazed at the economy I got though, in Scotland touring about she returned 50mpg, she was doing 400 miles on 8 gallons! Even on the way home I was getting 45 on the motorway at about 70mph. Theres no way its going to be sold for a bit, and it used no Oil at all which I reckon is great for a 70000 mile engine.

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At below 75 the seo is amazing on fuel, when you go above 85 it drops dramatically and above 100 it returns about 25 -30!! When I first bought the car I used to regularly get above 330 miles to a tank, when I sold it I was getting more like 230 - 250 to a tank, as you get used to the car I guess you push it harder and harder.

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