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De-cat, Good For The Environment?


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Well, my car came out in 1998, about the year this artical was published:


Link 2

Reduce the gas thats bad for making smog in cities, and turn it into greenhouse gasses? It seems pointless having one bad thing and turning it into another (and having to burn extra petrol for the same performance). I wondered if anyone knew any developments since this artical, or is it still the case? Is having a cat-converter a bad idea for the planet?

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Its not so much care for the environment as just having to have a catalytic converter slowing the car down, when it doesn't actually do any good. I know the law is the law, and you can't change it, but it just seems a bit backward that people and polititions !Removed! about greenhouse gasses, then you have to have one of these which makes it worse.

But maybe I shouldn't bother complaining about things I can't change.

I certainly wouldn't change my car for the environment, the fundermental engine technology itself would have to change and still have petrol performance for me to bother.

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