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Wheels + Tyres


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It should be stamped or cast into the back of the wheel. If you have original wheels take one off and take a look for something that looks like ET 38 or ET 40. The number will be the offset.

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i'm sure though, if i remember rightly that the standard offset on mine is ET38. i had a set of wheels with this offset fitted to my last one, and they caught at the back over large bumps. the set i have now are ET42, and don't. maybe if you ask, they'll let you try with both?

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Thanks for the speedy reply guys :thumbsup:

I was just wondering what offset id need to get, do you think i could get a set of 17s on one of these?

also lookin at suspension kits, do you know any good places where i can get them from, places ive looked either dont list the car, or seem quite expensive...

Thanks :thumbsup:


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