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Please Help Import Nightmare!


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:help: im a damsel in despair, i brought my 98 celica japanese import, with inbuilt sav nav, cd etc, 6 weeks ago has i feel head over heals for her. a week after having it i stalled at some traffic lights and cannot get my cd player working, it wont read the discs anymore. the problem i am facing is trying to find someone who knows what to do about it!! 2 autoelectricians have failed because of the wiring being different from the english cars. i have got a replacement sat nav, cd player etc (english version) but cannot get it to work because again the wirings different. what do i do??? toyota can't spare me the time when i mention jap import! and Halfords were useless too!!! is there something i can buy to change the adapters or wiring? when i plug the english one in it blows the fuse so obviously needs different connections.. but i dont know were to look! i brought this car hoping for months of enjoyment so far all im getting is a headache! :) any suggestions? i would be most gratefull xxxx



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