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4age Ignitor Question


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hi my ae82 corolla with blue top 4age seems to need a new coil ignitor as the engine sumtimes just dies while driving, and sumtimes doesnt want 2 start and when either of these happen the tacho fails.

i have sourced one with the code 48 Jr on it. Mine has 13 Ir . Will this replacment still work? i cant seem to find out anywhere

Thanx 4 any help

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I had a similar problem with both my Blue Top 4A-GE and Red Top 4-AGE engines in my MKI MR2. The blue top was the original engine which was swapped for the red top due to what we think was ring failure.

The engines would just die (not stall) when comming to a stop after a long-ish motorway run.

It turned out to be the TPS (Throttle position sensor) attached to the throttle body being out of alignment and therefore giving incorrect values. There was also a dodgy connection between the plug (connector) and the TPS itself.

With my Corolla GTi I experienced a problem with the MAP sensor which control the O2 mixtures and had similar issues with stuttering/stalling. A couple of new connector pins and problem was solved. Unfortunately this was after replacing the entire ignition component side of things... :rolleyes:

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hey thanx 4 that.

I had the leads and coil replaced and that helped a lot. I also replaced the intake tube from air filter because the old one kept popping off and when this happened the engine would die alot more often. Its so intermittent its hard to track down but ill give that a try

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yeah could be either of those but the fact that the tacho stays completey still when engine dies makes me think its the ignitor.

It has no apparent reason for dieing, happened twice when car had been just started 2day, sumtimes when engine is hot it does also.

thanx 4 help

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