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Help My Window Won't Go All The Way Up !


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Hi guys,

just a small problem my window go's up and down but has just started to

stop short of going up all the way. last night i pulled it up the last inch and slammed the door so it looked shut but was wondering if anyone else had suffered this problem?

i read from ohter sites the gears in the mechnisam are somtimes a roblem but this seems like it may have, sort of missed a notch on the auto stop or somthing.

any advise grattly appreciated

also looking for a guide to take off the door card if there is one on line anyone can point me in the direction of..........



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no corolla anymore have crossed the dark side to MR2'ville

Sorry mate. in "Car Type" under your profile it still said "AE82" when I moved the topic so naturally thought it was a mistaken entry into the wrong section :unsure:

I see your profile has been updated :thumbsup:

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