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Exhaust Needed

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am after a cat back system but not blitz can't afford it. but am not sure about longlife. every exhaust i seen they done has been on a chaved up car. no offence if some1 has one. each to there own. but if any knows where i can get a proper jap style , nice and shiny. from. ebay ain't much help for starlets. thanks. P

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Paul, wickedep on the gtturbo site will do a cat back for $450. About £260 for a quality system. Stay away from longlife, they actually told me what an amzing piece of kit it was, the stainless steel they use is of no match to wickedep systems.


just tell him that you have a uk 98 sr, and jobs a good'n! Hope your having a good break mate, see you soon, tobs

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no thats including postage mate! make sure he sends you some flexi in the exhaust and that its n/a spec otherwise it wont fit! speak soon, t

oh and rik send him a u2u, he might well do bro but cant quite remember. If he'son il ask!

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