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Car Phone Kit


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I am thinking of installing a carphone kit in my 03 avensis. Just wondering if anybody could offer any advise with regard to removing the airbags in the windscreen pillars, so that the microphone cable cable be routed behind the airbag.

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When the guy did mine, he just ran the cable behind the black rubber seal to the roof, and placed the mike by the interior light. Didn't get anywhere near the airbags at all.

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I have a Handsfree kit in my 54 plate avensis, self fit.

The mic doesnt go up the side windscreen airbag thing on my, the antenna however is a glass mounted one, and I decided it would look best at the top left hand corner of my windscreen.

After removing the proective air bad pannel (The bit that you can see with the airbag hidden heding it) I installed the antenna cable out of the way of the airbag sticking it to the body with masking tape, finally I tucked it behing the airbag, and adhered the antenna onto the screen.

I think removing the airbag would be a bad idea, and if my airbag were to deploy, a antenna on the screen would be the last of my worries!

I guess running a mic up would be the same

Kind Regards


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If you have any harness runs up the A post, you can run the leads along the same route.

The trims on modern cars have to be held in place with 1 screw ( usually hidden under nameplate ). This is to stop the trim flying off during deployment. Flip the cover off, remove screw & the trim should pull off.

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