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Hilux 4 Wheel Drive Problem


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My Hilux performs perfectly in 4 wheel drive on soft or rough ground, it also drives well on hard ground until you attempt to turn a corner, the transmission seems to wind up and a knocking sound appears, this disappears when you straighten up, the gearbox feels fine in all drives and in all gears, is it a problem or something with the 1997 hilux pick ups

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Not sure if the pickup has a centre diff, but on the earlier Surf without the centre diff you should not drive on hard ground in 4wd.

There's drive to both axles and the front and rear axles have different turning circles. On hard/dry surfaces like tarmac there's no give on the road surface so you'll end up with windup on the transmission which can destroy it.

Permanent 4WD vehicles like Range Rovers have a differential in the transfer case to allow it to slip as you turn in circles. The Surf is not intended as a permanent 4WD vehicle.

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Hilux dont have central differental, meaning both axles run same speed when engaged. You should always free to 2wd drive before sharp turns on dry pavement and on situations 4wd not needed.

Using 4wd also increases fuel consumption. If You have locking hubs on front You can use only 2wd and keep front out of rotation when not needed. See more from owners manual.

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