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Headunit Pictures - Phase 1 Yaris


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Finally got round to taking a few pictures of the newly installed HU in my Yaris :)



As you can it is nothing special, but a huge improvement on the factory standard. It was an easy job, completed in 30 minutes and with little problems at all. The only equipment I used was a philips screwdriver, autoleads wiring adaptor and the headunit itself. Here is more information about the HU, (I got mine from argos for £60 somehow lol)


I have now decided to upgrade the factory Speakers in the car and amp them. I am getting a JBL amp for £100 with an autoleads wiring kit thrown in as well;


Infinity 6500cs 6.5" components £60 to be fitted in the front door Speakers, and tweeters mounted in dash speaker.


Infinity 9603i 6x9's £40 to be mounted on a stealth shelf which I havent bought yet - wheres the cheapest place to get them?


Autoleads Speaker Kit SAK-2914 £14.99


None of the stuff has arrived yet, cos I only paid for it all last night. Total cost is around £230 inc postage (I bought all the audio kit from the same guy and he only charged £10 total postage)

I am going to be installing it next week - again with the help of the written guides available on this website and one of my friends whose done a few installs. I very much doubt I would have even installed an aftermarket HU myself without this website so thanks very much for all your help so far.

I well and truly have the bug for installs now - when i first got my car I was adament I would only get a cd player and that would be it. £300 down so far and more to come yet no doubt.......

p.s. that isnt a wire hanging out of the side of the dash by the way (cough cough)

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