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New Cynos Owner! Need Help

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Hi All. Im Danny just bought a jap cynos 1991 i think.Its a 5e fhe model el44 1.5 16v! Ive only just joined this site as Ive been looking for people who own these rare cars in the uk anyway.

I do have a question about it, My car currently has no stereo just a load of wires with no iso connector or block etc. I have just purchased a jvc exad stereo for my cynos and I wanted to know if any1 has any ideas what wires are wot? Or can someone tell where I can get an iso connector for my car.

I will be posting pics soon the car itself looks great and is in excellent condition. Ive got 16inch bsa cobra alloy wheels on and it has a racing spoiler on too. It may also need new brake pads to pass mot as the cynos is currently off the road!

Oh and I have to say black is the best colour for this car anybody agree?

Anybody even close to me own a cynos?

Well I hope to be around on here often and I hope you lot can help cheers


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hey & welcome to TOC :thumbsup:

think i'm the closest you'll find to manchester who owns an EL44... what am i saying - i'm the only one on here from the UK that own's an EL44 :lol: part from you.

I'll have a look at my connecter & post some piccies up at the weekend.

you'll probably have to get an extender to beable to pick up UK radio too but well see..

i've also got the pad numbers in another post but i believe late model corrola's work.. edit - part numbers thanks to DazH Pads Toyota 04465-10040 - Delphi Lockheed LP460, Mintex MDB1251


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Cheers mate thats great. My stereo has just come today so Il have a look at whats going on over weekend too.Could really do with some help at getting this fitted etc so Il be on here.

Well Ive never seen a cynos yet on the road seen a few paseo's but there all 96 onwards. Sure my car has come from ireland but its been off the road for a long time. Cant wait to get it up and running whats your like then?

What are you finding getting parts like? Is it hard? I went to toyota to get a fan belt having trouble fitting very hard location in engine. £12 for the belt im just worried about majar parts going and there cost from toyota.

Well we the only guys with a cynos that feels good :)

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Yeah - mine came from Ireland too - stuck it in the garage for a year to beat the SVA requirements :ph34r:

i've only seen 2 other Cynos's but quite a few Paseo's so we are in a rare class..

Mines relativly stock - blue with stock toyota alloys, Rage exhaust, pioneer deck, 1800w Power acoustic amp & matching Sub.. i'll post pics this weekend since i'm at work.... :(

As for parts - you'll have fun :P i keep having arguments with Toyota dealers who claim toyota don't make the car. :lol:

got hit with a 1400 quid service last june for mine - so i brick myself everytime i try & find parts. :fear:

but - pads from toyota about £40 disks - £60 each & callipers £190 each. just to put you in the right frame of mind.


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Well im not too up on cars, so can I just change the pads without buying disks and callippers etc. Another good thing too ask is who did you insure with?

Got a load of questions about this car hope ya dont mind.

When I go to toyota they seem to have no problems with parts so far I give them my model details and they bring it all you on computer with parts and everything even for the dash etc. Saying that not had to order major parts yet.

Cheers Mate


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hmm - you're Toyota seem to be friendlier than mine...

yeah - you can change pads without doing the rest - i was just giving you some prices to give you a gist of some of the parts... to be honest its not to bad for running costs..

look in my thread about parts crossmatch. there are some other parts info there...

i'm with Tesco at the moment, 600 quid TPFT but moving to Adrian flux in octoberwhen i get my 3rd years no claims, that will be 400 fully comp :yes:


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