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Hey Ya! Just Got Brand New Corolla Tsport 1800


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Hey ya all ! I am Happy !

I justpurchaced a great car (Corolla)

I just wanted to say that i think the Tsport engine work very fine for me!

I am on a run to catch which way to tune , Compressor or go Turbo !

Well its different you see , depends the money and thats makes the compressor more close enough to people. But what about if someone wants to get over that and go on turbo tuning? How can it hold ? How much Bars it takes? I have a lot to learn yet...

Would be a great budget!!! 10-20?

I think i saw which kosei will fit me... (wheels and tires)

Any comments would be great and welcome !

See you around

Ps : If you load the picture link its 2mb photo! Enjoy Tsport Corolla 1800 power!

Corolla TSport 1800

Brand new ! No Tuned !

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nice car :D

blitz supercharger kit.

dont think the 2zzge can handle a decend turbo without a messive modifiction to the engine,if you have to go down that road then i suggest you go for a engine convertion a 3sgte lump :thumbsup: will save you money in the long run and many hours of nightmares but still a messive job good luck :D .

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