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A few people asked before to post a picture and review about this item from ebay so thought I would, as i have just fitted it on my car.

TRD (logo) voltage charge stabilizer/condenser:


Well it looks shiney :thumbsup:

Bought for £30 off ebay good looking product wasn't really expecting much. Performance-wise no major gains or losses. but a few little things, radio "background noise" gone :thumbsup: , dip in power whe AC is on has been reduced :thumbsup: , and probably my imagination but a little smoother (but did reset ECU aswell).

As to buy it or not? up to you, probably would see more gains on a more modded car.

And before anyone says, I will be cleaning the engine bay soon :thumbsup:

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Yeah fairly easy, dont use the brackets they give you though, I used an old piece of metal and put a hole in it to make the bracket. Use one of the screws provided and they seem to fit the pre-tapped whole that is already in the car, in the postion shown. then the connection wires just slot in between the nut and bolt on your Battery.

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