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Anyone Good At Sociology?


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Really really really need help.

I got a resit test tomorow because i failed the first one by 1 mark <_<

And iv been thinking of leaving uni so havent really been wanting to revise. But i come to revise today, as i usually do, and the only notes i dont have on my PC are for this test. And i cant find any of my sociology work at all.

I need to get 40%, so since theres 10 questions at 10% each im only gona answer 5/6 thoroughly.

Iv answered 2 so far, and can answer another one. Questions i need help on are:

1)Give 5 characteristics of the sociological imagination

2) Give 3 points for and 3 points against the idea that sociology can be scientific

3) Write briefly on difference between nature and culture

4) Natural explanation for i) intelligence ii) motherhood iii) gender v) race

Sociological explanation for i) intelligence ii) motherhood iii) gender v) race

5) In what way is gender important sociologically.

These are some questions i wouldnt mind some info on. I really hate sociology, im doing a sport course and i never thought id have to do this. I cant remember anything about this as well because it was in the first semester :( Thanks in any advance

PS. Iv tried google and it sucks!

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Damn dude I started reading this post with good intentions to help ya out.

But a few words into question 1 my head started to hurt...

Also brought back memories of A-Level Psych in which we studied some Sociology as DA did... Ah good times, did sod all bak then, still do sod all, wa-hey :D


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sorry about that! i attempted a different question instead of one i was really stuck on ! im hopefully answering 6 with great detail and the rest which i know nothing about im hoping to get a few marks here and there! Iv guesstimated what id get for each at the bare minimum and it came to around 45 marks out of 100! which is good enough for me because i need 40!

exam in 40 minutes, i better get going! thanks all :)

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