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Supercharged Corolla Sr


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Ok guys I just have to share it with you. I was going to wait until JAE but I just can't wait that long - I've got to spill the beans. My 98 AE111 Corolla SR has been supercharged using a transplanted 1600cc 4A-GZE engine from a Japanese Levin. The Levin front cut came from Fensport and the installation was carried out by Kevin in Droitwich (Fensport recommended). Here's a couple of photos.





The original top mounted intercooler has been junked and a front mount intercooler fitted in the space vacated by the aircon radiator - it's connected to the supercharger with stainless steel pipework and Samco hose. Other mods include a mesh grille from a Corolla G6, Koni front shocks, uprated fuel pump, Magneor 8mm plugs leads and TRD front strut brace.

It's absolutely wicked to drive - the most fun I've ever had in a car. Instant power and torgue from about 1500 rpm but it starts to run out of puff at about 5500rpm so you just change up and do it all over again. It doesn't seem to matter what gear you are in the power is just there to be used. The stock engine produces 165bhp and 155 lbft of torque - just a bit of an increase from the 109bhp output from the standard 1600cc Corolla 4A-FE engine that's just been taken out.

It needs a new exhaust with less restrictive pipework so I'm off to Longlife in Cardiff next week for a custom job and then I'll try to book a rolling road session to see what the power and torque figure look like. More details to follow when I've had some sleep...............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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What was Kevin like on price?

How long was your car with him?

I'm looking to get him to fit a 3SGTE in my EP91 Starlet, its a tight squeeze but I'm sure it will fit!!

Here's one in an EP82!!!

EP82 with 3SGTE engine from MR2 GTS in it!!!



As far as money is concerned you will have to talk to the man himself.

He estimated 2-3 weeks and it was 3 to the day.

When he did his own AE111 with a 3s-GTE he said it took him a month of working on it solidly. because it's basically a one off fabrication job - nothing fits and engine mounts, brackets and all that sort of stuff has to be made or modified.

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Was Kevin's place easy to find?

Its the bottom side of Brummy land isn't it?

Have you got Kevin's Email address?

I've got his telephone number, but I'm not really a telephone person!!!

Does he have a website?


Nath :thumbsup:

Kevin is about 5 minutes from Junction 5 M5. No email that I know of and no website do it's got to be the good old phone technology.

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