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Sub & Amp Help!


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Well thats a pic of my current sub in my non existing boot! I am going to need to be able to use my boot a bit more now so need to get somehting a bit smaller.

I am thinking of this deal:


It seems very good. The only thing is that the amp produces 600W RMS @2-ohms but the sub is 500W RMS at 4-ohmns. So will i get the most out of the sub? Or should I try and get them to send me the 1222D sub as that is 500W RMS as 2-ohms.

Should I get a power cap as well? Since my lights already dim a little with my current sub which is 300W so i am guessing around 130W RMS.

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Dude the lights dim because the hifi is sucking all the power from the Battery. You get this with powerful systems which is why you need a power cap. I have powerful 6x9s and front components.....and the sub is fairly powerful.

Already have my two amps under the seats, so gona replace old mono block amp with new one.

Edit: Dnt need help nemore since no1 helped went for it :thumbsup:

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