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Strut Bars


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Hello there,

Some friends here from Canada mentioned a few days ago that they get parts for the Scion xA/xB that fit the Echo (and therefore the Yaris). Do the strut bars that are sold on ebay fit (Megan and others)? What would you recommend that fits the Scion and the Yaris?

Thanks guys for all your help.

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To help others and so we can get idea of the price of that strut bar and other scion products could you please tell us some of the websites you use and the parts that you know for a fact are compatible! thanks :D

I checked mostly ebay.com

TRD Quickshifter for the Scion xA/xB fits the Echo and Yaris. You can get it on ebay for $130, and the other day it was sold on a bid for ~$70.

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yeah the scion short shifters will fit the yaris, but when you change into 1st,3rd or 5th you will mash your hand on the dash.............

As far as pictures are concered:



A forum member from Canada said that he'd fit it into his Echo and that it comes with the Vitz's install instructions + an extra set of instructions for the xB.

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The TRD QuickShift is for the Vitz so, Yaris and Echo are the same Car.

The Scion xA it's the Toyota I.S.T and the xB it's the Toyota Bb. The same engine but I'm not sure it's the same "arrangement" !? :unsure:

In "theorie" all parts for xA or xB will be fit on our Yaris/Vitz/Echo Hatchback...

Like the TWN shortshift...

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............. oh + dc strutbrace weighs a tonne as its steel not ally.

Isn't it not that heavy as its carbon steel? Also isn't it stronger than the ally? (you mean aluminium or alloy? (isnt carbon steel an alloy aswell :S!)) Surely the little bit of extra weight is justified for the extra strength within the strut bar?

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as for strength they dont build aircraft out of carbon steel :P

being stong doesnt have anything to do with it, the strutbrace will suffer from compressed and bein pulled, so what were looking at is the tensile strength on the matterial, the alluminium will be more than strong enough to cope with these forces.

carbon steel is steel with a higher carbon percentage than normal, i believe hight carbon steel has better hardness properties wich will in no way bennifit a strutbrace.

by ally i mean alluminium, an alloy is a mix of steels.

the weight difference between steel and ally strut braces is a lot. the one knight rider has a 10 yr old coluld lift it on their little finger. mine is a steel one and it weighs a tonne! but i did make it my self :P


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