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Spooks!... Bbc1 Now..


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Never been a fan of 'Spooks', it's supposed to be about spy's and the secret service but theres no special gadgets or a super cool agent who orders "Martini...Shaken not Stired" or an Aston Martin with ejector seat.

Plus the bad guys don't have a white !Removed! cat or travel arround in a black mercedes or speak with a dodgy german accent!


See what I mean spooks ain't very realistic. :lol:

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Yes, must watch that. Good adventure series but this storyline is frighteningly close to still recent events.

i thourght it was very inconsiderate. :angry:

It was written and recorded before the events in London, but eerily similar.

Yes indeed. A case of life imitating art. It's a continuation from the last series, well before the London bombings.

To be fair, warnings were given of the content before the programme was aired though I fully appreciate that it will still cause offence to some people.

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