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St185 Split Or Sell As Whole


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ok as some of u know i have been slowly rebuilding a st185 that i brought, however job/weather/work/family/badgers etc have serioulsy slowed me down so im selling (im also getting a new car and three cars is a bit excessive)

if i get interets in the car which will be a complete car and engine, just not together all good other wise ill split her :crybaby:

the lump has new MHG new toyota belst toyota Oil filter toyota fuel filter etc

car has a new toyota rad and is in pretty good nick apart from a cpl of scratches here n ther eetc

its a dark metallic grey colour and the bonnets in great condition for any gt owners

oh its also a 1990 jdm

so if anyone wants to take the project on cool make me an offer if not what parts u want u vultures :P

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