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What Came First?

Demonic Angel

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Having one of my lunchtimes in the office where I am wondering about things....

Does anyone know what came first, the fruit "orange" or the colour "orange"?

Did someone see the fruit and say "oh thats the colour orange, lets call it an orange" or did someone see the fruit and say "thats a pretty coloured orange.... lets create a new colour called orange in honour!"

Anyone know?

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Easy.... :bookworm:

The fruit definitely came first—it is recorded in English in the fourteenth century, while the application of its name to the colour only appeared at the beginning of the seventeenth.

i'll get my coat..:bye:


Thank you kind sir....

Wait with baited breath for tomorrows just-as-exciting, eagerly anticipated question! :lol:

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Ok, I'll bite...

<engages geek mode>

While the name for the colour orange may well have come about after looking at the fruit, the orange colour had obviously been around a lot longer. Orange is one of the colours in the white light spectrum so has been around as long as light has which is one heck of a lot longer than the planet or even this solar system! :P

<disengages geek mode>

It's not cold, I won't bother with me coat...

Hang on Jamesb4uk and cfc1! :lol:

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Nice one Al J :D

And Gordon - do we know whether flies are called flies because they can fly, or is flying called flying because it's what flies do?

Oi, who's knicked my coat?

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James' answer sums it up but yeah I would've said the orange fruit came first instead of the colour.

Doesn't add up. The colour has always been & must have had a name. The fruit was discovered recently & named, in English after the colour.

In Spanish the fruit is Naranja & I'm afraid I don't know what they call the colour. Might be interesting.

Going back to where I started, Orange is one of the colours of the Rainbow, which has been around longer than the fruit :thumbsup:

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  • 2 weeks later...

It would have to be the chicken if you believe in evolution, as the there would be a creature that's 99% chicken that is not a full chicken that gives birth to the egg that is still not a chicken egg, then from it a genetic alteration that make the being that comes out a full blown chicken!! 100%!!! but then years of evolution to produce lots of 100% chickens.

but it could be the egg as it doesn't specify chicken egg, could be dinosaur egg?

there's an awfully long wait for the coat collection........ :thumbsup:

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fruit was named orange before the colour orange

then the colour orange was named after the colour of an orange

Fair enough. But they must have had a different name for the colour Orange, before they discovered the fruit Orange , after which to name it :lol:

Maybe they were colour blind before they found oranges on trees!

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