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Ae92 Gti Mileage?


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Hi peeps,

I was just doing a bit of mileage calculations for my GTI and just wondered if 24 -25 mpg for constant short urban trips sound alright?

I do not have any engine mods, just a bosal exhaust system.

Any idea what I can do to make my mota more fuel efficient? I drive gently and not with a heavy foot.

Can getting valve clearances checked and adjusted + CO adjustment help with the health of engine?

Mine's the late spec non TVIS 4AGE.

Thanks a lot.

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I just did slightly over 100miles off 10.00 on saturday just gone, i went from coventry to birmingham, and then from birmingham to leicester and then back home, but that is mainly motorways and around 20% normal roads

What id do 1st is put some Fuel injector cleaner in, get the Wynns stuff MUCH better then that REDEX GARBAGE!!!

youll notice difference instantly,

oh yeah and that was @89.9p per litre

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im getting 34-35 mpg with a mix of urban and non-urban (?!) driving with kn induction, mongoose and 15s, so 25mpg in town sounds about right. and yeah redex is rubbish!! how can a 100ml bottle make a differnece in a 50 litre tank of pertol??!!!??

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