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I've Seen A Corsa That I Really Really Want


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As some of you know I'm in Florida at the moment (the wonders of the Interenet eh!!) Last week at Disney/MGM Studios I watched the new Lights, Motors, Action stunt show featuring three back Opel Corsas. But no ordinary Corsas. Although they looked pretty standard from the outside they had been very heavily modified for the stunt work.

1300cc motorcycle engine mounted behind the driver and driving the rear wheels through an eight speed manual gearbox - that's 4 forward gears and 4 reverse.

Absolutely magic machines. I post pics when I get back home.

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yes i do

where did the 5 come from :huh:

she had an astra with a 2.5 as well (n/a)

Well all i can say they must have had a engine swop then mate as this engine came in the calibra and the cavalier and the omega and vectra

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