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Help Needed With Reversing And Brake Lights


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Just bought a used 91 toyota previa gl today, gave it a quick check over the drove 100 miles home,

when i got home checked all the nooks and crannies to find the brake lights and reversing lights not working, I know, I know, should have been top of the list.

also drivers lecy window not working ( may or may not be related or relevent )

Checked all fuses on top of dash, seem to be in order, looked briefly at wiring at rear light point no obviouse signs of loose wires, read some of the topics here and checked to see if Battery was securely connected, seems to be but its dark now so i could not see where the wires went under the Battery, was no obviouse connection to the car body so i'll recheck in the morning to make sure theres one.

Any help or advice offered will be gratefully recieved.

Many thanks Dean. :help:

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My dad had a astra and the brake lights went on that it turned out to be the switch on the brake peddel,also i had a rover 216 and the reversing lights went on that it tuned out the switch on the reverse gate had broke. Just a thought.

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