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Hello, my name is chase and i am 17 years old. I drive a camry and recently the engine overheated and died (I forgot to put the coolant reservoir hose back after working on the car during summer). I have been looking at getting a used engine as many people recommended to not get a remanufactured toyota engine, and that the engine i should get for it is a 2.0 liter 3SFE (i currently have the 2.2 5SFE - 4 cyl). I have found many people selling this 2.0 liter engine and they say it works. The engine prices are ranging from $700-$950 depending on warranty (most are 3/3k mile, 6/6k mile, or 12/unlimted mile/12k mile) and milage (most are between 30-45k). I know its hard to find somoene who will do it right for under 600, but im not exactly sure how much i should pay a person/shop to do it.

My Questions are:

-what modifications would have to be preformed in order for the new engine to be installed?

-what kind of questions should i ask the sellers besides milage/price/warranty?

-how much should i pay for the swap

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hi chase, its me blade.. changing engine will cost you a lot and you may also encountered some difficulties specially if your mechanic is not good and expert. I suggest that why dont you try to overhauled your engine, replaced those parts that are defective like the cylinder head and others, by doing this it may save you a little of your money, no more parper works for the replaced engine and you save your orginal engine. although changing your engine will also work but as you said your engine is 2.2 then downgrade it to 2.2. i dont know if the connection of the EFI's or so called computer box are the same..Good luck i hope i did help you even its quite late... :thumbsup:

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well, the conversion, should be quite easy, coz they are the same engine series, so most mechanisims should match, should be a straight fit in, but why not just do as u wer suggested b4 me, change the diffective parts, and keep the 2.2 (more power), and less costs. ?

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