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Good Source For Genuine Wheel Trims?


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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone knows a good source for genuine wheel trims for the Yaris? I asked my local dealer and he quoted me >£20 for just a single one. Here's a picture of the sort I'm looking for:


I've had a "favourite search" on eBay for a while, but nothing decent's come up. Any advice or guidance would be greatfully received.



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or get a set of four from halfruads for 10 quid or sommat daft

Thats what i would have thought why do they have to be genuine?

CB :thumbsup:

To be honest, I know next to nothing about cars, so I asked my mate (who knows more than me, at least) about this and he recommended getting genuine trims. But if the opinion here is that it's no problem having generic Halfords trims then I think I will go with that suggestion.

Thanks everyone! Your advice is much appreciated.

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