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Gps On A Pda

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Well, for the umpteenth time now, I have been totally befuddled by this jack of a system. I finally got it to fix to some satellites, but the map of where I am is showing is so undetailed, it might as well show me SOMEWHERE in England. I won a Kane Car Pilot kit with GPS module and Kane software on Ebay init, took me half the day to try figure it out beofre, and just gave up on it. Now I have just finished trying to get it to work, and I have given up on it after nearly 2 hours.

If there is someone on here who has got a Kane system, any suggestions to make it any better? Of should I just dump it and get a new software package from the shop man, this thing is just pi**ing me off now man. I think I totally wasted 140 quid on this piece of junk.

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I have a Mio 168 which is now running Tom Tom 5 and its pretty good - I use it almost every day. In fact, the only time it badly ley me down was when I had about 7 ToCers behind me and it kept trying to take me up 1-way streets :crybaby:

When I was tryingt o work out what you were talking about I found this page which mentions that they had to re-detect the GPS unit every time they plugged the cable in.

I'm still not sure though - does the system come as the whole thing or just the cradle-bit? It may be worth borrowing a PDA with tomtom on it and seeing if it recognises the GPS detector built into the cradle. If not then I would probably sell it on e-bay ;)

No sure how much help that was, but good luck :thumbsup:


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The PDA I got is a HP Ipaq 5550, and I got a seperate KANE Car Pilot LUX GPS bluetooth module which has the KANE GPS software with it. I've installed the KANE software into the PDA, but I have no idea whatsoever what I am doing. ANd from what I can see from the mapping, it only takes you to the !Removed! town, can't get to the street, when I try to zoom into where I wanna go, it says minimum view reached, which is the TOWN. What a load of blox.

I got a copy of TT5, which I have also trid to install, but it keep saying I need to copy and paste the crack onto the orignal, which I did, and it still don't do jack.

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