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Need Advice!


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i have just bought a 5 speed GTR 88 Celica. the clutch pedal is very high and i'm wondering is there anyway to adjust it... or am i needing another clutch! (please say no!!)

it crunches a bit from third to second but is a one owner car and kms are relatively low.... has been well looked after etc...

any advice would be wonderful!!

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BUGGER! That really sucks.. thought i had myself a bargain! :)

how did you get a photo with BRUM????? my three year old son lives and breathes Brum! he'll be stoked with your photo!

thanks for your help!

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BRUM's a good friend of mine, he quite often pop's around asking for help changing oil and other bit's and bob's... You wouldn't realise how difficult it is with only wheel, people don't think about a cars needs.....

Ok, Ok, the truth....

A couple of months ago we had a club meet at Burton in the Cotswolds, home of the Cotswolds Motor Museum and of course BRUM, we just had to wait for a quiet moment for no staff to be around, in I popped and Yaris T Spot (If I remember rightly) clicked the camera. Just managed to get out before the staff came in or Scotttt managed to get the 20p in the slot or that would have been a very amusing [read embarrasing] moment...

The wierd and wonderful things we get up to at the club meets :D

If it is the clutch which I hope it'snot as it's not cheap remember you can always get discount on parts and labout by going gold :)

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