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Knocking Noise


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Basically im getting a knocking noise now....

when im in gear and press the accelerater i get a really loud hollow knock come from under the car. When i let off the acclerator i get the same knock once again.

I dont get any knocks etc. from braking or cornering however it does seem to be more frequent when going round right hand bends.

any suggestions what this could be?? :help:

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so i gather it doesnt sound serious to anyone then? Ill try reving my engine at work tomorrow and wiggling the exhaust,

i took it to an exhaust place for them to check what the noise was (next door to where i work). They told me they couldnt hear anything so didnt bother looking underneath ffs. The noise is very obvious too

cheers for replies :)

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exhaust is fine and the noise cannot be reproduced stationary.

ive had 2 garages look at it now. both heard the noise and didnt know what it was and couldnt find anything wrong with the car...

they do beleive its not the driveshafts or engines/gearbox mounts or exhaust though

any other suggestions on what todo now?

please help me? ;)

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cable tie a willing mate or an unsuspecting enemy to the underside and take it for a spin , have them use a stethoscope - £17 - http://www.medscope.co.uk/ProductPages/Cat...tethoscopes.htm

sorry they dont do a st202 model.

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