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One More Mkiii Supra On The Road


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:thumbsup: about time we now have another mkiii supra back on the road its been a long hard struggle and expensive but hey its been well worth it i think haha i never thought id get it back on the road this year anyway, plus i had a little accident in work that had put things back a bit but thats another story lol.

well wat have i done to it since i bought it


front & rear discs and pads all round

1x break shoes

rear metal break pipes re-newed

2x front break flexi pipes

bottom ball joints

front calipers

1x rear shock but im having another shocker off mark tho anyway

1 top wishbone ( my fault i kinda snapped it dont ask lol )

1x headlight motor

2 slight spots of welding

4x new tyres

timing belt

mot & taxed slapped on some filler in parts gotta respray her now still dunno wat colour yet tho.all running now thank god only thing i have a little whine from the gearbox so when im all well again im under it and checking it out hopefully its just Oil i hope, apart from that all running good and loads of fun well apart from the petrol lol but hey who cares its a mkiii supra lol :thumbsup:

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yep im well chuffed with it ok theres still a few knocks and bumps etc but its leagal tho apart from all that im really happy with my baby so is the misses she been on my back big time HURRY UP get it on the road im fed up of being driven in ur works van lol :P cant wait till i get round to spraying it and making it look totally mint and show her off like she deserves praise the lord (TOYOTA) for this fantastic car, oh by the way im thinking of getting a mki mr2 next as a project car hee hee either that or ill have 2 get a mk4 supra just for a mon - fri car and my mkiii as my show off car woohooo :thumbsup:

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The amount of people that have told me that.... then decided to take up voodoo after about... errrrrrm two weeks of mkiii supra ownership............

You'd not believe!!!!

If I don't have a spare (I *think* there is one on my spare block) I'm sure an IS200 one would fit!!!! after all....... same block!

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