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Apexi Rubbing


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Mine rubbed just on the way back from Envy when it was fitted... damage done, but never bothered me really... i tied the cables outta the way. It's relocated now with a sponge and a few sticky pads stopping it from knocking, rubbing and banging on everything around it!!

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mines been relocated and now rubbing on the battery  <_<

you want some of those cheapy kickplates from rip speed and stick it round your Battery, that way it will destroy that before your Battery and give you time to get some more of those ripoffspeed bits. i put one on and its still going, its been about 3 months.

mines relocated and because the Battery is sideways the funnel knocks against the battery harness creating a line along the funnel, it hasnt gone through but its still a bugger.

the engine mounts, if i upgaded them then it wouldnt knock at all. its because the engine moves in the bay as your driving so it knocks. with the relocation anyway.

im not quite sure what chris is going on about cos as soon as i put mine on i relocated it. sounds bizarre though.

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wtf???? if you positioned it properly it wouldn't rub......... as easy as that.

Just what Iv been saying :D

mine is positioned properly as per the manual and brackets it cant go any other way but the damn thing still rubs its a poor design so i use cable ties

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its not poor design, it fits on the intake perfectly. brain should just be engaged whilst fitting, like matt said........... user error.

It fits on the intake perfectly but the filter itself is to close to the Battery that vibration causes it to rub no user error here everything is where it should be. Are you saying that your filter has never rubbed and is in perfect condition

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